About ODI Dubai

Driven by our passion and genuine believe in Open Data as a new way for creating innovative solutions for the challenges that faces our societies in the Arab region, we have established Th Open Data Institute back in 2013 as the first node in the Arab region.

Since then, we have been proudly working on this domain with high profile public sector organizations in the region including the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government in UAE, eGovernment Program in Saudi Arabia (Yesser) among others.

In addition, we work with international and regional non-government organisation to promote open data as a practice and culture. In one of our latest projects, we hav worked with United Nations ESCWA to develop a framework for open data for the entire Arab region.

ODI Dubai is a brand of Exantium, An interdisciplinary innovation laboratory for the public sector. With offices in Dubai & Sydney, we enable the creation of public value through innovation and digital transformation with focus on the convergence of technology, data, and economic & social policies.

Exantium team is lead by Dr. Yasar Jarrar & Ibrahim Elbadawi, who bring together rich knowledge and long years of experience in the domain of public sector innovation & technology. Yasar’s MOOC on Government Innovation was attended by more than 80,000 participants across the world.

Ibrahim – is the first and Arabic speaking Registered Open Data trainer and continuously delivers training programs in between Dubai & Sydney.